What buildings are at Sumac?


There are 2 buildings at Sumac; the Lodge and the Longhouse.

The Lodge was built in 2001. It is open year round

and can comfortably accommodate 16 guests in 8 bedrooms.

The main level is barrier-free

and consists of a mudroom,

a cloakroom, a fully-equipped kitchen, an expandable dining area, a sitting area, a bedroom with access

to a bathroom equipped with hand rails and wheelchair-accessible shower, and a large screened porch

with a barbeque. The private

quarters of the director are also

on this level.


High speed internet is available.

The Lodge is equipped with a back-up generator

which can automatically supply emergency electricity.



The Longhouse is a 3 unit row-house built in 2007. Unit A is the residence

of Victor and his family and Unit C is the residence of David.

Unit B is currently under construction. When it is finished, it will be a 3 bedroom, fully-furnished apartment that is available as overflow when a group is larger than can be accommodated at the Lodge, or for those who would like privacy while at Sumac.


Click floor plan for larger imagebuildings_files/Sumac%20Retreat%20Centre%20Main%20Level_2.jpgbuildings_files/Sumac%20Retreat%20Centre%20Main%20Level_3.jpgshapeimage_2_link_0
Click floor plan for larger image.buildings_files/Sumac%20Retreat%20Centre%202nd%20Level_2.jpgbuildings_files/Sumac%20Retreat%20Centre%202nd%20Level_3.jpgshapeimage_3_link_0

The upper level consists of 7 bedrooms, a lounge/conference room with kitchenette, a small

quiet room and a large

screened porch.

All of the bedrooms can be

set up with either two twin-size

beds or one king-size bed. Bedrooms numbered 2 - 7 are grouped in pairs with

2 bedrooms sharing a toilet

and shower. Each bedroom

has a sink. Bedroom number 1

has a private bathroom

including a shower/tub to accommodate longer-term