How much does it cost to

stay at Sumac?



                                Basic rate:

              $70 single occupancy per person per night

                                   $50 double occupancy per person per night

                               Special rates are available for:



                                   Stays exceeding 3 nights

                                   Single payer organizations (e.g., charities)

Contact Sumac for special rates.

Fees are in Canadian dollars and include taxes.


Guests may bring their own food and prepare their own meals

in THE LODGE’S well-equipped kitchen.

There is no charge for this service.

For groups of 6 or more that choose not to make their own meals,

catering services are available. These services range from simple home-style meals at reasonable prices to gourmet meals prepared by recognized chefs.

Since each group’s needs are different, please call us

to discuss your group’s requirements.

If individual group members have special dietary needs,

they will need to be responsible for their own meals.