Who are the people at Sumac?



Paul has degrees in Arts and Theology.

He has been exploring and preserving Sumac for many decades. He does not consider himself the owner of a piece

of property, but rather the steward of a gift which he is obligated to share. Over the years, he has invited many others to enjoy Sumac as a place for relaxation, discussion and introspection. His varied experiences

as a workshop facilitator have equipped him with the skills required to direct Sumac.


Victor has degrees in Psychology and Philosophy. He has been enjoying Paul’s invitation to share Sumac since 1989. He enjoys

the natural setting and shares

with Paul and the friends of Sumac a common set of values. His educational training adds a probing mind to all discussions.


David has degrees in Music and Hospital Administration. He has been enjoying Sumac since 1972 when he was a teenager. His training in administration suits him for his tasks at Sumac. He also helps with property management and is the IT Director at Sumac.


Sumac is currently the home of 3 households. Paul lives in private quarters in THE  LODGE. Victor lives in Unit A of THE  LONGHOUSE with his partner and 2 daughters. David and his partner live in Unit C of THE  LONGHOUSE.


Over the years, a community has

developed around Sumac. These friends

of Sumac can be found enjoying good

food and drink at the dinner table on any

given weekend. Some visit regularly, and

others maintain a connection even though

they haven’t visited in some time.

However, their contributions go beyond the social. They have been involved in the construction of THE LODGE and THE LONGHOUSE. They also help with regular activities such as cutting firewood, maintaining the trails, and making maple syrup.

Sumac has a unique group of friends who also happen to be our neighbours.

We constantly rely on them for their general wisdom, local experience and equipment.

Sumac could not survive without all of our friends and is thankful for their past and future contributions.

Would you like to become a friend of Sumac? If so, arrange to visit us on one

of our work weekends. Concerned that you have nothing to offer? We have found that everyone has a talent or skill that is useful to Sumac.