What is the property like?


Sumac consists of 233 hectares (576 acres) situated in the Frontenac Spur

of the Canadian Shield. It is 1 hour north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

The property is a mixture of forest, meadows, beaver ponds, wetlands and a small private lake. There is a great variety of trees and wildflowers. There are also many species of wildlife including deer, black bears, wolves, coyotes, lynx, beavers, otters,
cougars, foxes, moose, elk, turtles, wild turkeys and other species of birds both water and forest. The lake is home to a pair of returning loons. The predominant fish in the lake is Northern Pike.


A number of trails have been created

for hikers to enjoy

the bio-diversity

of the property.

One of these trails leads to another

lake on which

Sumac owns a

small portion

of the shoreline.